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Re: my introduction, or how i learned to love the ink

From: Steve <sos@WESTNET.COM>
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 09:17:16 -0500
To: Multiple recipients of list LETPRESS <LETPRESS@UNB.CA>
Subject: Re: my introduction, or how i learned to love the ink

> i've unfortunately never gotten the Kelsey to
> print reliably; it seems to coat the inkplate
> unevenly, and i get very spotty pages.  this
> could be due to the molasses-based rollers,
> and perhaps i need rubber rollers.  does anyone
> else have experience with this kind of press?

The problem is probably with the press, not the rollers, since most
letterpress rollers are still made of composition (molasses, glycerin,
etc.) But Kelsey presses, although sold until only a few years ago, were
never very good. The best bench model small press is the Chandler & Price
Pilot Press. It's no longer made, but there are some out there.

> lastly, is there any interest among the members
> of this list to create a web page, either for
> the list specifically or for letterpress in
> general?  i'd be able and happy to host such a
> thing at one of the sites i have web access to.
YES! There are two letterpress publications that people on this list
should know about, if they don't already: The Printer, and Type and
Press. This is the kind of information it would be great to make
available to web browsers.
--Steve Saxe

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