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Re: subscribing

>I was told that you have a news group that may be of interest to myself
>being a small press publisher. Could you please e-mail me furthur
>information on your listings and how I would go about subscribing? Thank
>you. ian@interlog.com
>To subscribe send a message to: listproc@cornell.edu

the text should read: subscribe book_arts-l Ian Phillips

The list itself is devoted to all aspects of the book arts, binding,
printing, conservation... It is unmoderated and also available via gopher/www.

| Peter D. Verheyen, Rare Books Conservator, Cornell University Library |
|                B-39 Olin Library, Ithaca, NY 14850                    |
|     <wk> 607/255-2484 Email: pdv1@cornell.edu <fax> 607/255-9346      |
                                || ||
                               ooO Ooo

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