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Re: Portfolios

From: "CLUFF MARION MFA" <MCLUFF3@slism.slis.ua.edu>
To: pdv1@CORNELL.EDU (Peter D Verheyen), owner-BOOK_ARTS-L@CORNELL.EDU
Date:          Mon, 30 Jan 1995 15:54:28 CST
Subject:       Re: Portfolios
Priority: normal

In regard to portfolios. . .

 As one who pounded the pavement many times in pursuit of employment
and business as a freelance graphic designer.  The most important
quality of a portfolio is its ease of viewing and handling.
Nothing should get in the way or distract from your
artwork. Presentation is everything!  A good graphic design
portfolio contains about 12 pieces of work - nothing but your best
work.  The first three pieces should be your most outstanding pieces
to catch the interviewers attention, it is followed by solid examples
of particular interest to the job or position you are applying for
and ends with your very best piece to leave a favorable impression. If
this sounds like too little, the trained eye of an art director or
fellow artist can easily assess your work in a few pieces (just as
they say that an interview can be decided within the first 5 minutes).
In advertising, the interviewing yardstick was: your only as good as
the weakest piece in your portfolio - all the more reason to show
nothing but your best work. If using slides, I have found it helpful
to bring a small handheld slide viewer ($20.00 or under) on
the interview, its convenience and portability always met with a
favorable response! Nothing would terrorize an Art Director more than
a projector and a full slide tray! I hope this helps and good luck on
your presentation!
Marion (Betsy) Cluff

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