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Re: Ultraviolet eye protection

30 Jan 1995 17:31:50 -0500 from <swatkins@mail.more.net>
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Our experience here at Arizona State U. with polymer plates also
gives this caution: not all exposure units or light sources are
appropriate for polymer plates.  Some exp. units that are made for
litho plates do not have the full range of uv wavelengths and will
give inadequate exposures that cannot be made better by longer
exposures. Another factor is distance from the light source to the
plate. With flourescent tubes and blacklight tubes, the distance
must be approximately no more than three inches or so. Some mercury
vapor exposure units built for silkscreen or litho exposures may
need _very_ long exposures (45 min. +) be cause the lamp and the
distance are not optimum for polymer. Some people are exposing
polymer plates in the sun, which is a great light source, especially
if you live in a desert where we have about 300 days per year of
blue sky sunshine.

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