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Fw: Dowding book from Hartley & Marks

From: Brian Allen <BDAllen119@AOL.COM>
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 00:02:33 -0500
To: Multiple recipients of list LETPRESS <LETPRESS@UNB.CA>
Subject: Dowding book from Hartley & Marks

I have been authorized by my friend Alan Stark (marketing director of the
book publisher Hartley & Marks) to append the following information about a
book of interest to this group that is being re-published this spring:

Dowding: Finer Points in the Spacing and Arrangement of Type.
A significant revision of a long-unavailable classic manual that offers
in-depth investigations of every aspect of the use of type and space, from
letter and word arrangement to the design of type itself, to how type and
space affect each other in publication and advertising design. It is one in
the same a readable, absorbing and provocative book by an expert English
typographer who served as an instructor of typographic design at the London
College of Printing for over twenty years. Due out in paperback in April from
Harley & Marks for $14.95, ISBN 0-88179-119-9. Call 800-667-1366.

Disclaimer: as stated above, an acquaintance with the marketing guy; but no
financial interest in H & M. But I do wish them success in publishing books
about typography and printing.

Brian Allen

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