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New York Book History Consortium

                                        Date:     03-Feb-1995 05:04pm EST
                                        From:     Rose, Jonathan
                                        Dept:     FAC/STAFF
                                        Tel No:   (201)-408-3545

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Subject: New York Book History Consortium


	In March 1994, academics, librarians, and independent scholars met 
at the New York Public Library met to discuss plans for a cooperative 
program of graduate-level studies in the history of the book.  Under this 
proposal, several participating universities would each offer at least one 
graduate course per year in book history (broadly defined).  Students at 
participating institutions would be able to cross-register for any course 
in the program and transfer credits.  No new degrees would be created: the 
consortium would serve students in history, literature, library science, 
art, and other existing disciplines.

	We had hoped that the New York Public Library itself would provide 
a  headquarters for the consortium--but when that did not materialize, 
Drew University offered a base of operations.  Last December the Drew 
Graduate School created a Center for the History of the Book to manage 
this and other book historical activities.

	A planning meeting to get the consortium under way has been 
scheduled for 3:00 to 5:00 pm on 2 March in the Third Floor Studio at 
the CUNY Graduate Center in Manhattan (33 W. 42nd Street).  We will begin 
drafting a program of courses, with a projected launch date of Fall 1996.  
We will also recruit one contact person for each campus, to help with such 
organizational matters as coordinating several registrar's offices.  No 
RSVP is required, and all interested parties are welcome.  If you have any 
questions, contact Jonathan Rose, History Department, Drew University, 
Madison, NJ 07940, jerose@drew.drew.edu.

	For anyone who is interested in planning on-campus activities with 
the Drew University Center for the History of the Book (and you need not 
be a member of the Drew community) there will be an organizational meeting 
from 5:00 to 6:00 pm on 27 February in the Second Floor Conference Room at 
the Drew University Library.  But if you're specifically interested in the 
consortium, only the CUNY meeting is crucial.  (If you can't make it but 
are still interested in participating, send us a note telling us what 
courses you might contribute.)

	A fuller report on all this will appear in the next SHARP 
newsletter, which is just now being mailed out.  We hope you can join what 
promises to be a major new enterprise in book history education.


Jonathan Rose  

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