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New book available! "Decorated Cloth in America, Publishers' Binding 1840-1910" by Sue Allen and John Gullans

Oak Knoll Books is exclusively distributing a new book about bookbinding 
published by the Clark Memorial Library at UCLA. This book by Sue Allen and 
John Gullans, entitled "Decorated Cloth in America, Publisher's Binding 
1840-1910" contains two essays, one by Allen and one by Gullans. 

	Allen's essay describes her discovery of some of the earliest signed 
stamps in existence. In it, she also talks about her exploration of the 
progress of of ornamental stamping on American book cloth covers with brass 
dies during the 19th-century. She uses John Feely's (1842-1877) engraved book 
cover stamps to primarily illustrate some of the artistry and craftsmanship 
that stamping achieved in this period with American bindings. Allen also 
includes a checklist of his cover designs with his signature

	Gullans, in this book, concentrates of the later part of the century 
by studying Sarah Whitman, a revolutionary and extraordinary leader in the 
modern design movement, both as an engraver and supporter of education in the 
fine arts. Gullans also discusses the work of Frank Hazen (formerly known as 
Frank Hazenplug) which he uses to illustrate the representative conditions in 
the publishing trade at the time. Hazen's work evolved into different variants 
of a basic design he created for Stone & Kimball, employing borders of 
straight rules with simple but elegant lettering. Hazen also added a floret or 
device from time to time.

	Both these essays are accompanied by 32 plates in full color showing 
reproductions of Feely's, Whitman's and Hazen's covers. This book can be 
considered an important new work on a subject of increasing interest to those 
studying American binding and publishing. Available only in paperback, 107 
pages, $35.00 plus shipping, Order No. 41220.

To order or if you have other questions, please contact Oak Knoll Books at:


Please include your name, billing and shipping information and phone number.

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