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Re: Listserver status

(feel free to post this if you want).

I think I will as it's clearer than
what I sent out. You will all have to excuse me as my mind is on getting the
most out of the system memory on my computer at home after having installed
a cd-rom...


>it seems to have been. Those of you who didn't get my "digests" can view
>_all_ back postings via the gopher at: palimpsest.stanford.edu. From AOL it
>is via the "internet" or whatever they call it.

Two things: First, in addition to Gopher, your archives are now also
available via the World Wide Web facet of CoOL


(the trailing slash is necessar for many browsers). The Web version
presents a different view of the archives (browsing by subject thread,
date, and author). It isn't perfect (and some more links need to be
activated), but it is another, and I thing rather pleasant, way to
read the archives.

Second, unless things have changed since I last visited AOL, getting
to CoOL (or any other resource that they haven't chosen to 'feature'
isn't so simple. I'm appending info on how to do it and would welcome
news that these complicated maneuvers aren't necessary any longer.


Several of you have asked how to reach Conservation OnLine from America
Online. It *is* possible, but the method is not at all obvious. Here's

1.  Go to Keyword: Gopher
2.  Click on Search All Gophers icon
3.  Type in "High Level Gopher Menus" (without the quotes) and click on
        the Search button
4.  Double click on the 4th item on the list ("Search High-Level Gopher
        Menus by JUGHEAD at W&L")
5.  Type in "palimpsest.stanford.edu 70" (without the quotes) and click
        on the Search button
6.  Double click on "Stanford University, Conservation OnLine ~[Palimps...

And you're in.

NB as far as I can tell, this is the *only* way to get to CoOL's top
level menus via AOL. Other paths will lead you to either (a) one or more
of our WAIS indices (you'll be able to search, but not browse, and some
material will not be accessible) or (b) one or more lower level gopher
menus (i.e. you'll see part of the gopher menu tree, but not the whole

Please understand that this complexity has *nothing* to do with CoOL; it
is entirely the fault (and I use the term intentionally) of the way that
AOL has implemented its Internet access services.  If you were on a
normal Internet machine, using normal Gopher or WWW clients, you would
not have to jump through these hoops.

If anyone finds a less labyrinthine way to reach Conservation OnLine,
please let me know.

Walter Henry
| Peter D. Verheyen, Rare Books Conservator, Cornell University Library |
|                B-39 Olin Library, Ithaca, NY 14850                    |
|     <wk> 607/255-2484 Email: pdv1@cornell.edu <fax> 607/255-9346      |
                                || ||
                               ooO Ooo

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