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answer to request....

To Gillian Boal,

I am an MFA student at the University of Idaho and Tom Trusky who
works at the Center for the Book in Boise passed your request on to
me.  I have worked in photography for the past 10 years and have
recently turned to the book form(at) in order to get across some of
my ideas and help me to avoid making "wall art", which does not
particularly interest me.  I work with photographic images and Apple
Mac's, scanning images and collaging in the program Photoshop, then
laying the images out in the program Pagemaker 5.0 with supporting
text.  I use a laser printer for most works but am experimenting
with new methods to allow me to print my computer generated images
using standard photographic techniques.

	My other interests include production of paper and the printing
of images onto such handmade papers.  If your student is looking for
someone plowing through some of the same issues as she is, please
have her contact me.  I would enjoy the communication and exchange.
I am easier to get in touch with using E-mail, but if this is not
possible then call me at (208) 882-7002.  I will attach to this
letter a sample of one page without text of a book I have done
recently.  It is out of context and now in low resolution, but that
never seems to bother me.....

David Schlater
University of Idaho
Moscow Id, 83843

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