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  • Re: Listserver status, (continued)
  • In response to Gillian Boal(please send your address), evigneau
  • Re: BOOK_ARTS-L digest 194, Michael Oltz
  • Guild of Book Workers Newsletter, Peter David Verheyen
  • An amusing anecdote, Richard Minsky
  • answer to request...., David Schlater
  • New book on Private Presses, DWIGHTAGNER
  • Another recently published book: Millennium of the Book, Production, Design and Illustration in Manuscript and Print 900-1900, oakknoll
  • Papers, Floppy Backs [sent, not in archive], Richard Minsky
  • Listserver status, Peter David Verheyen
  • RE: Hollander, COLEMAN
  • No Subject, Richard Minsky
  • New book available! "Decorated Cloth in America, Publishers' Binding 1840-1910" by Sue Allen and John Gullans, oakknoll
  • Michael Wilcox, RLLG
  • Re: leather marbling, David Hallam
  • Re: BOOK_ARTS-L digest 186, Scott K. Kellar
  • Fw: hand made paper, Peter David Verheyen
  • Updates/SF Bookfair, RIPLEYDUGGAN
  • edge gilding inquiry, Steven D. Hales
  • making medieval book, RUPS
  • Re: Used equipment, Scott K. Kellar
  • Princeton University Libraries Tour Update, Robert J. Milevski
  • Are you qualified (by the government) to conserve?, Peter David Verheyen
  • Rare Book School. 1995 Courses, <No Value Set: Tom Kemp>
  • book conservation workshop, Pamela Spitzmueller 319-335-5908
  • New York Book History Consortium, Jonathan Rose
  • Replacement for Archive Text laid 125 gsm, David Hallam
  • Re: Book_Arts-L digest #2, Peter D. Verheyen
  • P.T.I.'s World Wide Web Paper Specifier, ralph

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