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>I have just received an official notice from EBSCO Subscription Services that
>BOOKWAYS has "ceased" and the last issue was #15 dated April 1995.
>I gather from this that attempts to relocate it in another site were
>Sorrowfully yours, Louis H. Silverstein

I'm afraid that's correct. Tom Taylor, the publisher, was in many ways
uniquely positioned to undertake a journal like Bookways_. In addition to
his expertise in the book arts and book history, through his rare book
business, he also had the means of production under the same roof. Bookways
was always just a small portion of our production duties. A quick scan of
our shelves turns up 10 books we (myself and my colleague, Neil Furqueron)
printed in 1993, totalling about 1350 pages of letterpress work. Bookways
for 1993 totalled 220 pages of letterpress work for the four volumes.
Obviously publishing a journal like Bookways is financially a lot more
feasible if you own the printing plant. Money was not a factor in deciding
to suspend publication, since Bookways basically paid for itself...not very
profitable, but not a money-loser either. Rather, it was the changing
interests of the publisher (Tom) and the managing editor (Anita Prewett)
that led to the decision to close the book, so to speak. Tom attempted to
find someone to continue the publication, but couldn't find the proper
combination of motivation and means. Also, there are obligations
outstanding to the subscribers, some of whom took out two-year
subscriptions just prior to the shut-down. It would be unfair to them to
turn the magazine over to someone who couldn't quickly ensure continuity.
Instead, Tom will honor his obligations to those people either with
refunds, or back issues, or books from his publishing inventory.
   In some ways it's sad that Bookways had to come to an end, particularly
since it seemed to be getting better with each issue. But on the bright
side, it offers the three of us new opportunities and challenges. Someone
will eventually step in to fill the void, and it will be a new voice and I
hope a different perspective. The book-arts field has a long tradition of
inspiring that sort of publication, with the coming and going of the
Fluerons, and Dolphins, and Colophons, and Fine Prints and many others (not
to suggest that Bookways was in that league.)
   The final issue of Bookways will be a double-issue again, numbers 15 &
16, and it will be a collection of about a dozen essays by the regular
contributors. The subject is at their discretion, but looking at what has
come in so far they seem to be concerned with the "state and fate of the
book." A popular topic in these confusing times. I expect it will be
available as a single-issue to non-subscribers, so if anyone on the list is
interested you can e-mail me, not the list,  and I'll pass it on to Tom.
The Bookways e-mail address will lapse soon, but I can be reached at the
addresses below:

Bradley Hutchinson
Digital Letterpress
1906 Miriam
Austin, Texas 78722

512-478-7632 voice
512-478-5508 fax

bradley@eden.com  (I'm shopping around for a new internet provider, so I don't
                   know how stable this address is. The jury's still out on
                   these folks.)

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