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Fw: Re: your mail

I'm forwarding this to the list in the hopes that someone out there can be
of some assistance

From: "Cassandra Moseley GD 1997" <cmoseley@minerva.cis.yale.edu> 
Wed, 1 Mar 1995 15:13:50 -0500 (EST)
To: Peter David Verheyen <pdv1@cornell.edu>
Subject: Re: your mail

I have been working as a university library assistant for over 2 years, 
assisting in the treatment of special and circulating collections. With 
my current job I feel that I have reached a glass ceiling of sorts and 
that, without a masters in Library Science or Conservation I will not be 
able to advance much farther than I already have. 
As I ponder my next move I realize that I don't know all that is out 
there job/career -wise in the Preservation/Conservation fields. I would 
greatly appreciate information and insight from anyone on this list who 
would be willing to tell me something about his/her job. I am 
hoping that replies to this quiry will run the gamut of jobs/careers 
currently out there, from Book and Paper Conservator to Museum Curator to 
Archivist and more. 
I am especially interested in hearing from people who participated in 
Museum Studies programs and to hear what they are doing after receiving 
their degrees.

I can be reached at cmoseley@minerva.cis.yale.edu
Thank you for your help!

Jenifer Bosworth
| Peter D. Verheyen, Rare Books Conservator, Cornell University Library |
|                B-39 Olin Library, Ithaca, NY 14850                    |
|     <wk> 607/255-2484 Email: pdv1@cornell.edu <fax> 607/255-9346      |
                                || ||
                               ooO Ooo

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