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Dimenovel symopium annoucement

     "Pioneers, Passionate Ladies, and Private Eyes: The Library of
Congress Symposium on Dime Novels, Series Books, and Paperbacks"
will be held Friday, June 9, and Saturday, June 10, 1995, at the
James Madison Building in Washington, D.C.  Highlights of the
symposium will include two plenary sessions: Friday's at which
author Madeleine B. Stern will speak on "Dime Novels by the
`Children's Friend' (Louisa May Alcott)," and Saturday's at which
Professor Janice A. Radway of Duke University, author of _Reading
the Romance_, will talk on "Clearing a Space for Middlebrow
Culture: The Struggle Over the Book, 1880-1920."
     The symposium, sponsored jointly by the Rare Book and Special
Collections Division, headed by Dr. Larry Sullivan, and the Center
for the Book, directed by Dr. John Y. Cole, is the first symposium
ever held by these two divisions of the Library of Congress on
popular fiction.  The symposium will also feature an exhibit
highlighting collections of dime novels, series books, and
paperbacks housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections
Division.  Sessions will run from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
     The rest of this announcement is divided into three parts:
Part I: Information about the panelists and their titles; Part II:
Logistics (Hotels & Subway, Travel); and Part III: Information
about registration. 

     Part I: Information on Panelists
     In addition to authors Stern and Radway, twenty other speakers
have accepted invitions to present papers, including historian Dr.
Leona Rostenberg, who will speak briefly on "The Discovery of
Louisa May Alcott's Pseudonym" at the start of Stern's plenary
     Grouped by genres, the other presenters are:
     Dime Novel History: Edward T. LeBlanc, Editor Emeritus, _Dime
Novel Round-Up_, "A Thumnail History of Dime Novels"; Kathleen
Chamberlain, Associate Professor of English, Emory and Henry
College, "Dime Novel Counterfeiting: The Lizzie Borden Case";
Deidre A. Johnson, Assistant Professor of English/Children's
Literature, West Chester University, "Parallel Pugilists? A Study
of John L. Jr. and Gentleman Jack Dime Novels in Street and Smith's
_New York Five Cent Library_."
     War and Technology in Popular Fiction: David K. Vaughan,
Associate Professor of Technical Communication, Air Forces
Institute of Technology, "The Possibilities of Flight: Shaping
Reader Response in American Aviation Series Books, 1909-1959";
Elizabeth A. Frank, Curator of Large Mammals, Milwaukee County Zoo,
"Advocating War Preparedness: H. Irving Hancock's _Conquest of the
United States Series_"; M. Paul Holsinger, Professor of History,
Illinois State University, "From Dave Dawson to Mac Wingate and
Beyond: The Glamorization of World War II in Juvenile Series and
Modern Paperbacks."    
     Popular Culture Collections: Clark Evans, Senior Reference
Librarian, Rare Book Reading Room, "Popular Culture Collections at
the Library of Congress"; Alison Scott, Head Librarian, Popular
Culture Library, Bowling Green State University, "They Came From
the Newsstand: Pulp Magazines and Vintage Paperbacks in the Popular
Culture Library"; Martha Hansen and Mark Weimer, both of Special
Collections, Syracuse University, "Popular Culture Collections in
Research Libraries: The Current State of Preservation and Access."
     Publishing Practices: Lydia C. Schurman, Professor of English
Emerita, Northern Virginia Community College, "The Librarian of
Congress and the American Library Association in the Battle Over
Cheap Novels in the Mail"; E.M. Sanchez-Saavedra, Writer/Historian,
"The Anglo-American Pulp Wars"; Karen Nelson Hoyle, Professor and
Curator, Children's Literature Research Collection, University of
Minnesota, "New Numbers and Evolving Editions: Keeping Up With
Series Books."
     Reader Reception and Response to Popular Fiction: Angela
Farkas, Teaching Fellow, Department of English, University of
Pittsburgh, "`A Sort of Literary Heresy': The Production and
Reception of Mrs. Alex McVeigh Miller's `The Bride of the Tomb'";
Alan Pickrell, Professor of English, Emory and Henry College, "From
Immorality to Immortality: Character Transplant from Victorian
Romances to the Oz Series"; Nancy Tillman Romalov, Visiting
Assistant Professor, University of Montana, "Unearthing the
Historical Reader, Or, Reading Girls' Reading."
     Transitions Across Genres: John T. Dizer, Professor and Dean
Emeritus, Mohawk Valley Community College, "Authors Who Wrote Dime
Novels and Series Books, 1890-1914"; Jean Carwile Masteller,
Professor of English, Whitman College, "From Laura Jean Libbey to
Harlequin Romances"; J. Randolph Cox, Professor and Reference and
Government Documents Librarian, St. Olaf College, and Editor, _Dime
Novel Round-Up_, " Paperback Detective: The Evolution of the Nick
Carter Series from Dime Novel to Modern Paperback, 1886-1990."

     Part II: Logistics
     Hotel: Although there are numerous suitable hotel
accommodations in Washington, D.C., and the Maryland and Virginia
suburbs--June is tourist season here, so it is advisable to make
reservations as soon as possible.  Average rates in the D.C. area
run around $100 per night or more.  
     Subway: The Library of Congress can be reached locally via the
Orange and Blue Lines of the Washington Metro System, which runs
into nearby Md. and Va.  The nearest station is Capitol South. 
     AirFare: Special round trip airfare has been arranged with US
Air for all "Dime Novel" attendees.  Travel is valid on US Air, US
Air Express, and US Air Shuttle, June 7-12, 1995.  The fare will
offer a 5% discount off First Class tickets and any published US
Air promotional round trip fare.  A 10% discount off unrestricted
coach fares will apply with 7 day advance reservations and
ticketing required.  These discounts are not combinable with other
discounts or promotions.  To obtain this discount, call US Air's
Meeting and Convention Reservation office at (800) 334-8644 from 8
a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time.  Refer to Gold File Number 49450025.
     Amtrak: From June 7-12, 1995, Amtrak will offer a 10% discount
off any available Amtrak train to/from Washington, D.C.  This
discount is good nationwide but is not valid on Auto Train or
Metroliner Service.  For reservations contact Amtrak at 1-800-USA-
RAIL and ask for fare order number X-74F-934.  

     Part III: Registration
     Although there is no registration fee, the Library of Congress
does need to know how many people are planning to attend the
symposium.  Please send the registration form on the next page to
Clark Evans at the Library of Congress by May 15, 1995.  

                        REGISTRATION FORM

         "Pioneers, Passionate Ladies, and Private Eyes:
        The Library of Congress Symposium on Dime Novels,
                  Series Books, and Paperbacks"
           Friday, June 9, and Saturday, June 10, 1995
         James Madison Building, the Library of Congress
                       8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

     Registration: Although there is no registration fee, the
Library of Congress does need to know how many people are planning
to attend the symposium.  Please send the following information to
Clark Evans, Senior Reference Librarian, Rare Book and Special
Collections Division, Library of Congress, in any one of the
following ways by May 15, 1995.  If you know others who might be
interested, please xerox this form for them.  

     1.  e-mail:  evans@mail.loc.gov

     2.  Phone:   (202) 707-2017

     3.  Fax:     (202) 707-4142

     Last Name______________________First Name____________M.I.____



     Mailing  Address_____________________________________________


     Day Phone(    )______________________________________________

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