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Book Arts MA at Camberwell College

I post the following notice about an exciting new book arts MA program, at the 
request of Eileen Hogan of Camberwell College. I apologize for any inconvenience
due to duplicate postings.

Location: The London Institute, Camberwell College of Arts, Peckham Road, London
SE5 8UF, United Kingdom.
Duration: One year (48 weeks, four terms)
Start Date: January 1996
Course Director: Professor Eileen Hogan
Fees: Non-European students resident abroad--5,950 pounds
Application: (Non-European Union students resident abroad)
	The School Registrar
	School of Applied and Graphic Arts
	Camberwell College of Arts
	Peckham Road
	London SE5 8UF

The MA Book Arts course develops practice within the book arts, ranging from 
artists’ books and ‘the only one of its kind’ books through to fine printing and
publishing, and challenges the definitions and boundaries of the ‘book’ by 
testing preconceived ideas about content and communication

The course begins with a critical debate which introduces the book in its 
broadest context, questions previously conceived ideas, introduces issues of 
communication, legibility and form, and provokes new concepts. Your first term 
is project-led and addresses these issues through the integration of theory and 
practice. Practical workshops cover all necessary technical skills, and seminars
provide a knowledge of present and historical debate and help you to place your 
practice within the current book arts climate.

In the second term you begin a major project which forms the basis of your final
presentation and develops your professional skills in areas such as exhibiting, 
researching, publishing and teaching. The third term is devoted to independent 
study and the continuation of your seminar and professional practice programmes,
while the last term is concerned with your final presentation.

Camberwell College of Arts is uniquely placed to offer this course. The college 
is renowned for its craft-based courses, its fine art tradition, and its lively 
graphic design, conservation and history courses. The college also runs The 
Camberwell Press, a private press with an established reputation for excellence 
amongst the international book arts community. In addition, the college has its 
research arm, with a number of funded research projects--two of particular 
relevance to this course. The first explores the integration of computers, print
technology and printmaking, while the second examines the role of the book in 
the development of the fine and applied arts. Both projects are of direct 
benefit to students through their subject matter and their stress on the 
importance of acquiring research skills and of applying research to practice. 

The MA Book Arts course offers students a unique opportunity to redefine their 
practice and to focus on the development of independent, original work and 
research. It provides specialist skills and knowledge with which to set up 
workshops, presses and to enter industry. Other career paths include freelance 
work in such areas as criticism, commentary, design and consultancy, and 
employment in a variety of commercial and public enterprises such as arts 
administration, teaching and research projects.

The London Institute is the world’s largest college for art, design, 
communications and related technologies. Because it has students from 77 
countries around the world it has set up a range of support activities, 
including help with accommodation, special induction courses to help you settle 
in and free language tuition, to ensure that study is as applicable and 
enjoyable as possible.


     Betty Bright, alias abd = :->
     Writer   Curator   Teacher 

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