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New book available

Umbrella Associates is offering to all membersof Book_Arts-L a special 
pre-publication price for a new book by Buzz Spector, recognized artist, 
critic and theoretician on contemporary art, who is now a Distinguished 
Professor at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Spector has 
been writing about books, which he uses in hiw own work, since we are in 
an age when the book as a conveyor of culture, its traditional purpose, 
is under assault at the hands of the electronic media.  Rather than 
focusing on a sense of loss, Spector has created a body of work which 
transforms the book from an object of communication into an object of 
the imagination, metaphorically encouraging a "memory of reading". In 
these essays, all of which have been rewriting, but many of which have 
been reprinted from Artforum, Dialogue, exhibition catalog essays, 
symposia, etc., Spector explores the act of reading, the fetishism of 
the book object, meditations on Broodthaers and Baldessari, Anselm 
Kiefer and Walter Hamady, as well as some new essays written especially 
for this book.

For you all, as a courtesy, I am offering a pre-publication price of 
$9.95 plus $2.50 postage and handling through 31 March 1995.  The book 
will be published in March, but I thought you'd like to take advantage 
of this offer.  This will be a fine addition to your library.  Send your 
check to Umbrella Associates, P.O. Box 3640, Santa Monica, CA 90403.  As 
soon as it is printed, it will be sent to you in the mail.  Prepayment 
is necessary for this special offer--or I can do a proforma invoice if 
you need one.

Judith A. Hoffberg, Editor & Publisher, Umbrella Editions

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