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Important New Catalog


With apologizes for duplicate postings, The Family Album is pleased to 
announce to readers of this list that a large new reference catalog, 
issued to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Aldine Press,  
and dedicated to Edwin Wolf II, is "at the printers", 
and will be mailed to advance subscribers in March. 

                 TILLERS OF THE CULTURAL SOIL.  
Scholar Printers and the Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Worlds.

This 144 page bound catalog of classical works features 
productions from the presses of great scholar printers, including: 
Aldus Manutius & Family; Joseph Gerard Barbou and Family; 
John Baskerville; Giambasta Bodoni; Francois Didot and Family; 
Louis Elzevier & Family; Robert Estienne  (Stephanus) and Family; 
Robert & Andrew Foulis; Christopher Plantin; and many others.

Distinguished provenances for the books in this wonderful collection  
include: Louis XIV, King of France; Jacques August de  Thou; 
Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor; Eugene Napoleon (de Beauharnais);  
Duc de Richelieu; Empress  Marie-Louise; Robert Hoe; and hundreds of 
other important and noble bibliophiles.

            $ 10.00 U.S. - Credited to Your First Order.   
           Overseas Air Post / or / Priority Mail - Extra. 

                    Reserve your copy today.  

Please respond directly to us <RonBiblio@Delphi.Com> and not to the list.  
            Thank you for your kind attention.  Ron.

Ron Lieberman / The Family Album / ABAA
RR 1  -  Box 42 / Glen Rock, PA   17327  -  USA
Voice: (717) 235 - 2134 / Fax (717) 235 - 8765 (Note New FAX Number)
Internet: RonBiblio@Delphi.com
Library & Collection Building Consultants
 Celebrating over 25 Years In the Rare Book World

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