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Re: Vellum

>I am an amateur letterpess printer and also (as it happens) a sheep farmer.
>I am interested in the process of making vellum, but have been unable to
>find any specific information as to the process. Can anyone supply any
>practical information, or direct me to some sources that may help?
>--Jamie Syer
>'The Springbank Press'

Dear Jamie
What kind of sheep? Sheep bred for their wool ie Australian Merinos don't
make particularly good leather or vellum/parchment because the corium is
very loose
with lots of hair follicles.
A good text on vellum making is "Ancient Skins Parchments and Leathers" by
R.Reed 1972 Seminar Press ISBN  0-12-903550-5

Good Luck (wear a nose peg!)

Robin Tait.
Tait Bindery, Queanbeyan, Australia.

David Hallam
Senior Conservator of Objects
John Treloar Centre for Conservation Science
Canberra Australia
61 6 2416122

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