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Bookbinding courses in UK

To Lawrence Roberts

In response to your search for bookbinding courses in the UK, the following
three are listed in the Guild of Bookworkers (U.S.A) Study Opportunities
Directory, and may be of assistance to you:

1) Brunel College of Technology
Dept. of Printing and Graphic Communication
Ashley Down,
Bristol B579 BU, England
phone (0272) 241241 or FAX 0722 249134. "All aspects of bookbinding,
beginning, boxmaking, full leather, tooling, artists' books, book
preservation, printing on the hand press, marbling, paste papers, all aspects
of the history of the book, mending/simple repairs, advanced book and paper

2)  Roehampton Institute
Roehampton Lane
London SW15 5PH, England
(081) 392-3000 or FAX 081-392-3301.

"All aspects of bookbinding, boxmaking, full leather, gold and blind tooling,
artists books, calligraphy, illumination (professional, full time training),
paper making; mending/simple repairs.

3)Guildford College of Technology
Bookbinding Department
Stoke Park, Guildford
Surrey GU1 1EZ England
(0483) 31251, extension 4893 or 0730-812432
or FAX 0483-63409

"All aspects of bookbinding, boxmaking, full leather binding, tooling,
artists' books, vellum, Japanese paper and silkk work, paper making,
marbling, paste papers, history of the book, all aspects of book
conservation, information technology, photography."

There are also any number of private individuals with whom you can study
independently but the above names should give you a range of choices.

Karen Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse, Inc.
New Jersey/USA

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