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Daniel Kelm workshop

>   Daniel Kelm will be teaching a workshop for the New York Chapter of the 
>Guild of Book Workers, called "The Book Restructured: Innovative Hinging".   
>  The range of books being produced today by artists is truly remarkable. 
>Some diverge wildly from what we recognize as traditional book form, others 
>play with slight variations. In either case the challenge of achieving a 
>desired expression often requires the use of material or movement not 
>possible with traditional structures. Wire-edge hinging grew out of just 
>such a challenge. We will explore wire-edge configurations useful for books, 
>boxes and articulated sculpture. Each participant will produce a codex and a 
>shaped accordion book strucure.
>   The workshop will be held at the Gladys Brooks Book and Paper 
>Conservation Laboratory, on the fifth floor of the New York Academy of 
>Medicnine, 1216 Fifth Avenue at 103rd Street. The fee is $125 plus $15 for 
>materials. Please register by April 14 by calling (212) 876-8200 x363, or 
>email eschlefer@nyam.org.
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