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Miniatures at Bridwell

>From: Isaac Gewirtz <VOOO1001@VM.CIS.SMU.EDU>
>Subject:      Miniatures at Bridwell
>To: Multiple recipients of list EXLIBRIS
>Earlier I posted to the list a notice of the miniature book exhibition
>at Bridwell Library. The E-mail address of the person handling catalog
>orders is   dlawrenc@sun.cis.smu.edu and not the address given in my first
>posting. I apologise for the error. Those of you who have E-mailed me after
>you could not get through to the other address need not mail another catalog
>order. I have forwarded your orders to David Lawrence. Again, sorry for any
>Isaac Gewirtz
>Curator, Special Collections
>Bridwell Library
>Southern Methodist University
>Dallas, TX 75275
>(214) 768-3440

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