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Artists'/Eccentric "Video" Review

Liz MacMillan in the latest issue of CHRONICLE OF HIGHER
EDUCATION ("Hot Type") has an extremely favorable review
of "The Writers Workout Video" issue of cold-drill Magazine.
The 1995 issue of the boxed art/literary magazine is a faux
workout video and comes in a transparent, recycled plastic
video box and has bogus endorsements from Jane Fonda, Arnold
Schwarzenegger and Richard Simmons--let alone the "National
Association of Athletic Authors," the NAAA.  The issue is
organized in saddle-stitched fascicles:  "Warm-Up" (works in
need of revision), "Toning" (poetry & art), "Body Shaping"
(fiction & art), and "Cool-Down" (essays & art).  As well,
each issue contains a bind-it-yourself postcard book (perfect
for buffing pecs) and an "athletic artifact."  Fascicle covers
are printed on a newly-invented thermal paper which changes color,
according to body heat.
Ordering information:  1.800.992.TEXT

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