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Perhaps the largest "commercial producer" of vellums/parchments today is the
William Cowley Parchment Works, 97 Caldecote St. in Newport Pagnell, Bucks.,
MK16 ODB, England. A family-run business, they have been producing vellums
for several generations, and when they expanded after H. Band closed maybe
15+ years ago they became, as far as I know, the largest.  Their production
is quite good and used throughout the world.

Obviously, for those wishing to try to "go into business" Cowleys (Mr. Wim
Visscher) would certainly be reluctant to disclose much technical
information, but for research and general information I am pretty sure they
would be happy to offer some input (snail-mail, they are not on-line)

Another well-known producer of beautiful vellums is the Carl Wildbrett
company, Waldstr. 20, D-8903 Bobingen 1, Germany though their output is
smaller. Again, willingness to offer input is based on why/what you are

Karen Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse

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