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Re: carousel & tunnel books

Begin forwarded message:  I have a children's book from the 50s or  
thereabouts (a fairy tale I think) which seems to combine and go
beyond elements of Richard's descriptions below, but I always called  
the basic structure a star book.  The covers on my example can be  
opened 180 degrees from their closed position and tied together.   
Thusly opened the outer perimeter of the pages when viewed from  
above, has a star shape of 5-6 points/mountains and 4-5 valleys.  The  
pages are of a card stock similar in weigh and thickness to index  
cards.  Between the points of the star are "stages", each one  
depicting a scene from the tale.  It reminds me of a revolving stage  
containing a number of pre-built sets.  A carousel of sets if you
will.  Each stage has a v-shape, is in 3-4 layers.  Each layer of
card meets at the point of the star but the valley folds are
separated from each other by a short distance, probably 1/2" or less.
Each layer has cut-outs of one sort or another which when viewed
head-on create a 3-D scene.  (You are not looking through the book
but only singly at the interstices between the points of the star
toward the valley.)  EG the outermost layer creates the frame of the
scene and includes text, the next layer has figures and such, and the
next and probably final layer would be the background scene.  These
stages are analogous to the tunnel description but also seem to fit
into the carousel design as well.  But it is firstly reminiscent of
the star structure.

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