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re: carousel & tunnel books

>>    carousel books
>>    tunnel books
>>    gestural handwriting

Tunnel books contain multiple pages hinged together accordion style,
with cut outs allowing the viewer to look through the book, as a
"tunnel", with an image that goes back through the multiple image
planes created by the sequenced pages.

Carousel books is a new term for me, but might be another name for
what I know as Whirlwind Binding: a folded edge paper structure (as
in Japanese binding) with a hinged case. It opens like an accordion
fold, in that the hinged pages pull out for simultaneous viewing,
but instead of the covers being separate, the end pages are fixed in
position by the hinged case. Thus it creates a circular form.

I'll bet Carol Barton would know for sure. If no one else responds
this week, I'll call her.

BTW-- the info about Center for Book Arts classes in Peter's
forwarded note is obsolete. The current way to get information
(besides calling 212 460-9768) is to set your web browser to:


There are links there (the Center's home page) to classes, exhibits,
publications, etc.. The class schedule is point & click by subject
and time.




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