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To Barbara Hammonds question as to what the terms "Tunnel Book", "Carousel 
Book", "Gestural Writing "refer to, Here is my response: "The Tunnel 
Calamity" by Edward Gorley, copyright 1984, may have suggested the term 
"Tunnel Book". Carol Barton calls her similar constructions tunnel books 
and due to her popular workshops many book people now know what this term 
means: Two narrow concertina walls support a row of panels. Cut away 
areas on each panel decrease in airspace from the first to the last panel. 
The front cover has a peephole (small or large) through which the viewer is 
lead into a vertical panorama or in other words, a tunnel.
As far as the term "Carousel Book" goes, I wonder myself. I call one 
structure from my repertoire karussel book because the pages extend from 
a center pole. There is no beginning and no end. The term was suggested 
to me by a German friend, thus the peculiar spelling. Would like to know 
where you found the reference, Barbara. 
"Gestural Writing" I think has to do with the gesture of writing and not 
necessarily with legibility or making out words. Cy Twombly comes to my 
mind too, as do several calligraphers. 
Greetings. I'm finally on the Email track.

Hedi Kyle
Head Conservator
American Philosophical Society
105 South 5th Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19106
(215) 440 -3413

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