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Re: music hand tools

> Dear Steve: As you know, I just bought 600 French brass tools, ca 1920. I
> checked, and unfortunately no "musical" motifs. However, I figured your post
> was a good opportunity to make a public announcement about the availability
> of these (now about 350) tools. We have loads of gouges, a few simple
> pallets, small mated corner pieces, florals, small center designs, leaves,
> etc. If anyone would like to receive photocopies of the ink-pad impressions
> just e-mail your address and we will send along copies. Karen Crisalli/The
> Bookbinder's Warehouse
Please send me a copy.

Brian D. McKinney
Washington University School of Medicine Library
Box 8132
660 South Euclid Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110


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