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Re: terms???

Walter's summation of a tunnel book fits my own concept.  If you take one
of the accordian-style files from an office supply store, cut a hole
though the middle, paste a scene on the back, and then stretch out the
accordion to full extension and peer in, you get a crude version of it. 
You might also think of it as an operatic stage, with great depth and the
ability to insert scenery at a variety of points within the depth. 

A carousel book, I'd guess, is also a 3D creation.  When you open the book
you pull the front cover around until it meets the back cover, and you get
something that stands up and can function in the round. Some children's
catalogs are now offering things along these lines.  The result is usually
a little dollhouse playset; as I recall one was an English manor house.  I've
never seen the name "carousel book" attached to such devices, but it's
evocative.  This format follows a theatrical model too.

Normandy Helmer
University of Oregon Library

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