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Steven D. Hales asked about a bookpress suitable for painting fore-edge
painting.  I saw a bookpress being used to display a fore-edge painter
at a recent bookfair I attended, and the dealer in the booth also
stated that he manufactured them, selling for up to 9 inches for
$95.00, and up to 13 inches for $110.00.
I specifically asked him if they were suitable for painting a fore-edge
as well, and he said yes.  His name and address is
        Ian Harkness
        2233 River Plaza Drive #354
        Sacramento, CA 95833
I cannot vouch for the gentleman, as it was the first time I saw him.
He did seem to be interested in the bookarts. He had a slew of
handpainted endpapers with him for sale at the bookfair, the first I've
seen after many years of going to bookfairs as a visitor and as an
exhibitor.  You can at least contact him and get a flyer describing the
presses (from which I got the above information).
Jerry Blaz/The BOOKie Joint
7246 Reseda Blvd.
Reseda, CA 91335

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