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Compilation of catalog information

Thanks, everyone, for the information.  Since I was asked to pass the
responses along in case there's a more general audience for them, I
compiled them into one message.  I've edited out any redundancy, but
wanted to give credit where it's due.

|\        /|       /________/(
|? \    / ?|      (________(/(___
|??? \/ ???|    /_(________(/__/(                      ||
|   Judy   |   (______________(/(      KEEP READING....||
|  Kerman  |   (______________(/(                      ||
| Saginaw, |   (______________(/                     \ || /
 \ ? MI ? /                                            \/
   \ ?? /

Bookmakers in Riverdale, Md., has a large stock and a catalog with good
descriptions. Although they maintain a small store, the bulk of their
business is mail order. They will certainly have any basic supply you
could want, and anything exotic they don't have they can get. They are
also very friendly and helpful and could probably make up an order of
basics for you over the phone and send a catalog with it for more exotic
later purchases. I have always found them completely reputable and
reliable. [stuff deleted] You could also try Talas in NYC.  I believe
they are well-regarded in the New York area book community.
	(from David Marshall, Publications & Media Division, Federal
	Judicial Center)

Bookmakers,  6001  66th Ave., Suite 101, Riverdale, MD 20737
    Phone (301)_ 459-3384   Fax:  (301) 459-7629
Colophon Book Arts,  3046 Hogum Bay Rd, NE, Olympia, WA 98516
    Phone (206) 459-2940   Fax;  (459-2945)
	(from Kathy Crump)

Conservation Materials Litd.
P.O. Box 2884
Sparks, NV 89432

213 West 35th Street
New York, NY 10001-1996

[stuff deleted]

Archival Products
2134 E. Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50317
email: INET70670.2635@compuserve.com
	(from Claudia)

Bookbinder's Warehouse
E-mail Karen Crisalli...KarenC5071@aol.com.
31 Division Street
Keyport, N.J. 00735
	(from Bill Drendel and from Claudia)

Further to your request for a "good general supplier" we (Bookbinder's
Warehouse) can certainly help, with a 40+ page catalog and price list. Many
threads available, although 25/3 ("25 gauge/3 plies") is the most common;
available in big cones or standard spools. Ours is Irish Linen. We also have
two different needles: you will probably want  #18 (medium) needles, a good
all-purpose size. If you will e-mail me your address we will get a catalog on
its way to you.  Also please note our e-mail address is KarenC5071@AOL.COM.
I'm sure our catalog will be of help: we carry all the basics, plus cloth,
leather, genuine vellums, tools, equipment and various little sundry items,
like bone folders, etc.
	(from Karen at Bookbinder's Warehouse)

I should add Light Impressions, mostly for archival supplies
439 Monroe Avenue
PO Box 940
Rochester, NY 14603-0940
1-800-828-6216   FAX:1-800-828-5539

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