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Re: Open House at Am. Museum of Natural History

On Wed, 3 May 1995, Solveig Schumann wrote:

> The Library Conservation Facility of the American Museum of Natural History
> will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE on Friday, May 5 from 5:30-7 pm for the New
> York Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers. Conservator Barbara Rhodes will
> show us around the new laboratory and show samples of current work, and, as
> always, refreshments will be served. If you are interested in coming, please
> call Barbara at (212) 769-5424 (this is the *correct* number--it was wrong
> in the NYChapter Newsletter announcement). Attendance is limited to 30. Use
> the 77th Street entrance only. See you there!
Yes no Worries! All of us from ouside the US will be there!!!?!

David Hallam 						_/~~\_|\
Senior Conservator of Objects                          /        \
John Treloar Centre for Conservation Science          (          !
Australian War Memorial                                \_,-~~~\_*<-This
PO Box 345 Canberra City ACT 2601 Australia                    \/  Side!
ph  -61 6 243 4534(w)          fax -61 6 241 7998
David.Hallam@awm.gov.au        hallam@rschp1.anu.edu.au

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