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Note to Maria Behrens and anyone else who's interested: JAB is lavishly
illustrated with various kinds of graphic work by Brad Freeman and
Johanna Drucker and others, in black and white.  They are very clever
about exploiting b&w possibilities using everything from computer
programs to white-out to create effects.

Physically, it's a large folio format and not really comparable to the
stunning bookwork they have produced, but JAB is visually engrossing

In addition, Johanna has completed her book about artists' books, which
should be out soon... as a professor at Columbia and Yale she has done
more to bring together book arts, art history, literature, and critical
theory than anyone I can think of.  From what I can tell, she and Brad
produce JAB in their "spare" time, partly as a way of enjoying and
proliferating the questions she deals with professionally.

Well I guess you can tell I'm a serious fan.

--Marisa Januzzi

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