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SUBSCRIBE BOOK_ARTS-L annette morris

I'm sending this out to the list as a whole because I have been getting alot
of messages asking me to unsub, change addresses, postpone... lately. I will
be happy to help people in a pinch, but I highly recommend that people keep
a copy of this message so that they can execute these replies themselves.
Commands such as those just mentioned must be sent to Listproc@cornell.edu,
not to the list as a whole.

In the course of this Summer, ie sometime after July 1, this list will be
moving to Syracuse. It should not require any action on your part other than
noting the new address to make postings and subscription changes. At that
time a message will be sent out detailling that information.

Thank you for your understanding,

Peter Verheyen


>Welcome to the BOOK_ARTS-L list. This list is open to all facets of the
>book arts. These include binding, printing, papermaking, decorated papers,
>typography, graphic design, and collecting. The list is open to anyone and
>active participation is sought by all.
>This list has become a forum for discussions of techniques, ideas,
>exhibitions, and general announcements pertaining to this wide and
>varied craft. Occasionally larger mailings will be sent. These can include
>newsletters from other organizations such as the Guild of Book Workers
>or any other organization which chooses to submit them. These should be sent
>directly to the "listowner" at pdv1@cornell.edu.
>The "archives" of the list are now also available via gopher and www.
>Gopher to Palimpsest.stanford.edu or via the www
>http://palimpsest.stanford.edu Once there you'll find us under "browse by
>form of issue" , mailinglists as Book_Arts-l. Once there searches can be
done by a variety of methods.
>To communicate with the list, send to Book_Arts-L@Cornell.edu
>Subscribers may select options to specify preferences to interact with
>lists. To change these options, send the following command via email to
>set Book_Arts-L mail value
>where "value" is:
>ACK       Acknowledge my postings by sending me a copy.
>NOACK     Don't send me a copy of my postings. This is the default setting
>          for all lists.
>DIGEST    Don't send me any individual postings, but rather send me a
>          periodic digest of postings. The default is 1000 lines or 24
>          hours.
>POSTPONE  Don't send me anything. Used when going on vacation. You will need
>          to SET the option back to one of the above in order to receive
>          postings again.
>To leave the list at anytime, send the following command via email to
>unsub Book_Arts-L
>If you have any questions about Book_Arts-L, contact Peter Verheyen at
>If you have any questions about the CIT list server, contact the list
>server manager, at listmgr@cornell.edu
| Peter D. Verheyen, Rare Books Conservator, Cornell University Library |
|                B-39 Olin Library, Ithaca, NY 14850                    |
|     <wk> 607/255-2484 Email: pdv1@cornell.edu <fax> 607/255-9346      |
                                || ||
                               ooO Ooo

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