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Elle Decor and Letterpress Printing.

Pickedup a copy ofElle Decor, a Peoplesque magazine for interior design, etc,
and as I was leafing through it, I came upon an article about a printer in
Mendecino, CA by the name of Zida Borcich. THe tone of the article is that
she is one last of a handfull of letterpress printers in the country. Her
main focus is nice (pricey) stationary and cards. It was interesting reading
about this lost art and how this person is trying to keep it alive.

Anyhow I found it an interesting read. If anyone out there has seen the
article, or wants to look at it, I think it might be fun to write to the
magazine (eldecor@aol.com) and let them know that our professions, printing,
binding... are very much alive and well andbeing taught to a whole new

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