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From: R. J. Ruben
Message-ID: <"zgaN-.0.He5.ItCjl"@sul2>

A medical organization that I belong to will celebrate its 100th
anniversary in 1996.  A souvenir book is being planned as one of a
number of special  happenings for this occasion. At present , the plan
is to have an 'ordinary'  book  with some information and as many
paid advertisements as possible - from individuals, industry etc. The
proposed edition is 10,000.
I had thought that this could be an excellent opportunity to  produce
something that would go beyond the flat printed page. Some ideas
which I have had is the use of 'pop-ups' of the anatomy of the  region
which we deal with - ear , nose and throat. Also to consider the use
of  transparent  or semi transparent overlays, a CD- ROM  etc etc.
I am a consumer and not a producer of artist books and will need
help in this endeavor for there  are at least two  challenges. The first is
creation and design and the second is costs.
If any one is interested in perusing this project  please reply by

Thank you,


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