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Re: Columbia College Chicago Center

> > Columbia College Chicago Center for Paper & Book Arts,
> >a year-old organization devoted to the book arts.

Barbara Lazarus Metz's "Artists Bookworks," formerly on Irving Park in
Chicago, became part of Columbia College in Chicago. Columbia is a
private college, with a focus on arts. The Paper & Books Arts was absorbed as
an independent operation though the school has a formidable art & design
department which includes a large computer lab and letterpress equipment,
as well as several courses in bookmaking separate from the Paper & Book
Arts Center. Several faculty teach in both areas and there is a wide
range of design, letterpress and book making activity as well as a lot of
interested students.

George Everet Thompson            |  "Don't tell your dreams. What if
Columbia College Chicago          |    the Freudians come to power?"
Department of Art & Design        |       S.J. Lec, Polish poet
get000@dns.colum.edu              |

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