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book software

On Sat, 13 May 1995 QUEERBOOKS@AOL.COM said:

>  I understand it organizes text into different layouts for making books.
>you recommend any other programs?

I use the Corel suite of programs-- CorelDraw, PhotoPaint, Ventura, etc.
Ventura is the publishing part, and it gives good typographic control (0.01
point) and you can click on options to resize or reformat the printout
(book, pamphlet, etc.) for different impositions. You can control the
resizing to fit the paper you're printing on or set it on automatic. I
actually preferred Ventura before Corel bought it and incorporated it into
their suite (it used to be possible to work on facing pages simultaneously,
but now you have to do them one at a time and can only view facing pages--
a big handicap).

My friends at Electronic Directions, the DTP trainers, advocate Quark for
Windows as a step ahead right now.

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