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Advertiser's Newsletter

Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography
555 Guilford Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711
fax: 909-625-1342
Advertising correspondence: serif-ads@quixote.com
General correspondence: serif@quixote.com


This is our first newsletter for _Serif_ advertisers, with information
on current ad rates, circulation and upcoming content in _Serif_.

This is the e-mail version of the newsletter. We have faxed this to
those in our database for whom we have working fax numbers and we will
be sending a hardcopy edition out soon. If you didn't receive the fax
edition of the newsletter and would like to, please send us your fax
number. Please note that we had some difficulties transmitting to some
fax numbers despite the fact that it appeared that the receiving fax
did answer. We will be upgrading the database to indicate preferred
reception methods for the newsletter on the part of subscribers. If
you would prefer a different method for receiving this newsletter,
please fax us at 909-625-1342 or send us e-mail at

			     NEW AD RATES

We have lowered our advertising rates by 20%. The 10% pre-payment
discount still applies. Advertisers whose ads appeared in _Serif_
Number 1 still qualify for their 40% pre-payment discount, except for
cover ad space or color additions.

The new rates appear below.
			1 Time	2 Times	4 Times
Full page (44x57 picas)	   436	   396	   356
2/3 page (44x40 picas)	   332	   300	   268
1/2 page (44x30 picas)	   300	   268	   236
1/3 page (44x20 picas)	   228	   204	   180
21x57 picas		   236	   220	   204
21x40 picas		   180	   164	   148
21x30 picas		   156	   140	   124
21x20 picas		   116	   108	   100
C2, C3 (full bleed,
    4 color)		   876	   836	   796
C4 (full bleed, 4 color)  1036	   996	   956
Each PMS color		   200
4 color interior	   400
			(all prices in US dollars)

Remember, as long as you advertise at least once a year, your
advertising rates will not go up. Advertising in early issues of
_Serif_ is an outstanding way to guarantee inexpensive access to
advertising in a magazine with a rapidly growing circulation.

By the way, we can now accept credit card payment for advertising.


Earlier this week, the much-delayed _Serif_ 2 was mailed. The total
circulation for this issue was 447. Of this number, 346 were United
States subscribers, 26 Canadian, and 75 were from outside North

We have sold approximately 150 back issue copies of _Serif_ 1 this
year bringing the total distribution of that issue to approximately
950 copies.

We are projecting a subscription base for _Serif_ 3, scheduled for
distribution in July, to be 600 subscibers, with roughly 150 of these
outside the United States. In addition, our distributor has informed
us that their initial order for retail sales will be at least 300
copies. We are planning for a print run of 1500 copies to allow for
back issue sales.


By the way, if you want to see a sample copy of _Serif_, let us know
and we'll get a copy to you.


The closing date for advertising in the next issue of _Serif_ is 9
June 1995 and all materials must be received by 23 June 1995. If you
are submitting advertising materials electronicly, you _must_ send us
a hardcopy proof or we cannot make any guarantees about the placement
or appearance of the ad. Also, please contact us _before_ sending
electronic materials. Some small advance planning can save us all a
lot of hassles.

Also, be aware that the deadline for submissions to the new font
listings for _Serif_ 3 is 15 June 1995. If you're planning on
participating in the new font listing for _Serif_ 3, contact us before
submitting materials.


We are offering a special service to subscribers who want to boost
registration of their software. Why not offer a free issue of _Serif_
to customers who return the registration card? They'll receive the
next issue of the magazine with a note on the mailing slip indicating
that it was sent courtesy of your company. If they're already a
subscriber, they'll receive a postcard informing them that their
subscription has been extended by one issue with your compliments. We
are offering this service with the hopes that it will be mutually
beneficial. Complimentary copy orders must be purchased in advance
either in lots of 100 for $150 or in lots of 1000 for $1000.


The _Serif_ World Wide Web page on the Internet should be on-line by
sometime in June (or perhaps sooner--the files are largely ready to
go, we're just waiting for our provider to get everything set up). We
will send an announcement of its availability when it's ready.

We're working very hard to make the _Serif_ page the first place
anyone who works with type will go when surfing the net, by providing
as much information as possible about typography in general on our
pages, and not just marketing information about the magazine. One
section of our page has been reserved for links to advertiser's pages.
To appear in this section, all that is necessary is to advertise in
_Serif_ at least once per year and provide a link to our page on

If you're not on the net and would like to be, feel free to contact
us. We can help you find a service provider and give you suggestions
for putting together an effective presence on the net. If you don't
want to deal with it at all, we can put together the materials and get
everything running for you for a reasonable fee.

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