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laserwriter/letterpress printing

Earlier this year I posted an inquiry concerning the combination of
laserwriter and letterpress printing. Specifically, I am seeking any
information concerning the order of the two processes: should the
laserwriter printing be done first, or are the letterpress inks able to
be sent through a laserwriter without adverse results? Below is the only
response that I received. Certainly someone involved in the production
of artists' book has some experience with this... if so, I'd love to hear
about it. Thanks.

-Jamie Stanford
 Indiana University

"When using handmade or special non-laserwriter papers with a
laserprinter be very careful!  You do not want to scratch the drum of
the laserwriter. A scratch on the drum will cause a white line or
highlight to appear on every subsequent sheet you print.  Heavily
textured or ruff surfaced paper is suspect or papers with embedded
elements such as flowers, bark, glitter, or even long, raised fibers
as in some Japanese papers. This is meant to be be a word of caution
only - most papers suited for letterpress printing will not be
a problem at all to a laserwriter."    -- Betsy Cluff

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