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Re: laserwriter/letterpress printing

On Sun, 14 May 1995, jstanfor wrote:

> Earlier this year I posted an inquiry concerning the combination of
> laserwriter and letterpress printing. Specifically,

  WE've successfully printed papers after laserwriting, and a few times
letterpress first, then laser writing. Any good grade of printing paper
should work fine, any rubber base ink should go through the laser writer
as most of those Paper Direct things they sell for laser printers are
pre-printed. Test your paper on the laser writer first by running a copy
through. The only times we've had problems were very textured papers like
bark papers. Even things we thought shouldn't work, did fine. Standard
laser papers are generally too thin for letterpress though. Use something
with more thickness and not too absorbent.
  One caveat is that this was mostly student use for limited numbers of
items. As laser printers heat up they get more finicky and less reliable.
If you're running large numbers you'll have to stop occasionally and let
the thing cool down.
  I can't speak for soy based inks as we haven't used them for this yet.
Just be sure your ink is dry, day or two, and it should work fine.

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