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Re: laserwriter/letterpress printing

>Is the reply you received earlier sufficient; did it answer your
>question? I interpreted the question to mean that you were interested in
>letterpress printing the output from a LaserWriter. In this case,
>obviously, you need to output the page from your LaserWriter first, have
>a cut made (metal or plastic), then set it up for printing on a proper
>press; flatbed, cylinder, or platen. This is the way 'Bookways' (from W.
>Thomas Taylor in Austin, Texas) has been produced (maybe others as well).
>I have never heard of putting letterpress inks in a LaserWriter and don't
>believe it can be done.

Well, no, _Bookways_ was not produced as described above, which suggests
that the laserwriter output was used to make the plates. An earlier posting
also mangled the truth a bit, so I dug up my earlier clarification & re-run
it below:

"Well, not exactly. I cast the first two issue of _Bookways_ in Monotype
Bembo, but when we switched to polymer all composition was done on the Mac
in Quark. Our local service bureau generated the film, from which we made
the plates. Issues 3, 4 & 5 were composed in Monotype's digital Bembo, with
some modification to the ascenders and descenders in an effort to match the
previous look as closely as possible. ...Once the multiple master expert
package became available, we did everything in MM Minion."

Bradley Hutchinson
Digital Letterpress
1906 Miriam
Austin Texas 78722

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