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Re: laserwriter/letterpress printing

> Could you tell me what is a "multi-master expert package"?..."MM Minion"?
> Thanks, TC

[I'm a lurker from comp.fonts, who reads this list primarily as a proxy for
 his wife, a bookmaker and educator. This post crossed onto turf I'm at least
 marginally competent on, so I'll come out from behind my tree for a while ;-)

Multiple-master (MM) is a proprietary Adobe technology that permits a digital
font to be varied systematically along one, two, or more axes: that is,
you can change weight, or optical size, or width, in a disciplined way that
has been designed into the typeface. There are programs that can do similar
things after the fact, but not in ways that the designer of the font has
control over. MM permits non-type-designers like me to modify the letterforms
in a way that is more likely to be aesthetically pleasing, since it is defined
by the designer of the typeface.

Adobe Minion is an "oldstyle" serif face, based on types cut in the 16th and
17th centuries. Minion is available as a MM font, with weight, width, and
optical size axes. The optical size axis is designed to simulate the
variations introduced by type-cutters into metal type designs at different
point-sizes, to produce the same optical effect.

An expert package typically contains additional characters -- including small
capitals (proportioned differently from regular capitals), ligatures, swash
initials, and ornaments -- that are not normally present in a digital font.

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