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Re: laserwriter/letterpress printing

>Could you tell me what is a "multi-master expert package"?..."MM Minion"?
>Thanks, TC

>From the Adobe literature that comes with the font package:

"...multiple master typefaces... let you generate a wide variety of custom
fonts from a single multiple master typeface by allowing you to vary design
attributes such as weight, width, optical size and style...For example,
multiple master tpefaces let you copyfit headlines, titles, and ad copy by
expanding or condensing the type, and improve legibilty by optically
adjusting type for specific point sizes. The typefaces also let you
compensate for the appearance of type printed using different printing
technologies...without distorting the original design. Each typeface comes
with a set of ready to use primary fonts that constitute a complete
typeface family. You can use these fonts alone, or you can easily generate
additional fonts for your particular needs."

The expert package is, of course, the small caps & old style figures that
accompany the regular face. There was a lag of quite a few months between
the release of MM Minion (the shorthand way to refer to the font, to
distinguish it from the standard version) and the expert set, hence the
reference to waiting for the expert package. _Bookways_ made heavy use of
small caps and old-style figures, so it would have been pointless to buy
the multiple master version of Minion before the expert set was available.
Hope that wasn't too cryptic, and my apologies for this digression from the
subject at hand, i.e. laserwriter/letterpress questions. As far as that
goes, I run letterpress printed letterhead through the laserwriter all the
time and have never had any problems.

Bradley Hutchinson
Digital Letterpress
1906 Miriam
Austin, Texas 78722

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