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Re: laserwriter/letterpress printing

>Earlier this year I posted an inquiry concerning the combination of
>laserwriter and letterpress printing. Specifically, I am seeking any
>information concerning the order of the two processes: should the
>laserwriter printing be done first, or are the letterpress inks able to
>be sent through a laserwriter without adverse results? Below is the only
>response that I received. Certainly someone involved in the production
>of artists' book has some experience with this... if so, I'd love to hear
>about it. Thanks.
>-Jamie Stanford
> Indiana University

I have used printed letterheads in my laser printer with no apparent
problem, and I strongly suspect that most printing--letterpress or offset--
would not be affected by the  laser printer. I know that inks are available
which are especially formulated to print forms, etc. which are to be run
through a laser printer--Van Son, I believe. If you are wanting to actually
overprint the laser image on the printed image, then there might be some
problems with fusing; otherwise, I don't think it matters much.
Dwight Agner / The Press of the Nightowl              dagner@ mindspring.com
Athens, Georgia

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