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Re: laserwriter/letterpress printing

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>Subject: Re: laserwriter/letterpress printing
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>Jamie:  I don't have an answer for you but I am very curious as to why you'd
>want to combine the two types of printing?  I use a 600dpi  HP laserjet and
>the heat needed to fuse the inks is tremendous.  I suspect that either it
>would ruin the letterpress printing and/or damage your printer.  Kathy
The fusing heat isn't all that "tremendous"--the printing ink wil withstand
more heat than the paper will, and I have yet to scorch any paper unless it
gets stuck in the laser printer.

The reason for combing the two is that color is more or less unobtainable on
the laser, unless you count a very limited selection of color toner
cartridges and the foil overlay gimmicks. On the other hand, large chunks of
text are much easier to do on the computer than by typesetting--whether hand
or machine.
Dwight Agner / The Press of the Nightowl              dagner@ mindspring.com
Athens, Georgia

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