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Re: Columbia College Chicago Center

On Tue, 16 May 1995, Dennis Ichiyama wrote:

> Please e-mail of fax (317 496.1198) information on book arts courses during
> the summer as well as during the regular terms.

  I'll gather up the different schedules as soon as I can, but some just
came out. Columbia runs late as opposed to most schools. I know the book
arts brochure won't fax well, odd size, but will get whatever to you as
quickly as I can. I'm a Purdue grad (68 & 70) myself.

George Everet Thompson            |   "You shouldn't assume that something
Columbia College Chicago          |  is hard just because you can't do it."
Department of Art & Design        |       Dr. Ronald L. Graham/Bell Labs
get000@dns.colum.edu              |

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