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dictionary stands

Please forgive duplicate listings as I am posting to more than one list for
maximum response.

I would like input on how libraries (or others?) handle the large
dictionary and its stand.  We tried using double sided tape to hold the
covers open and affixed to the stand.  We wanted to keep them from
wandering and getting lost.  A constant problem.  It, however, presents
problems when they need to be removed for repair, replacement, etc.  Also
over time and repeated pulling by patrons to get them off the stands, the
tape gets torn and the wandering problem recurs.

The look of the cover is not an issue as they are seldom seen and these
items can be replaced as needed.

What do you use to hold the large dictionaries to their stands, if
anything.  What has been tried and failed?  Can they be removed for repair
and replaced? Other comments?  Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Reply off list unless you think others might be interested.

Claudia Stall, Head
Collection Preservation/Mendery
San Diego State University Library

Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently.

(619) 594-2591

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