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re:BOOK_ARTS-L digest 252

re:Audubon under vellum?


I still have only limited experience in binding with vellum, but I
have a fair bit of experience with making the stuff.  One thing
I've noted about samples of commercially available 'transparent
vellum' is that they seem more stiff and 'horny' than a regular
vellum of comparable thickness.  Although I don't know the
exact details of how this type of vellum is manufactured, I suspect
that this is partly due to the fact that it is dried
under less tension than the 'normal' vellum.  While medieval recipes
for transparent parchment involved unhairing without lime, and the
application of substances with high water binding capacity, the process
patented in the last century (if memory serves) involves a treatment with
potassium carbonate and a pressing between plates. If you have limited
experience working with vellum, this added stiffness may make working
with this type of vellum tricky (as if it weren't tricky enough
already!).  I've done a few bindings with the 'normal' vellum, and
I'm not sure I would want to tackle a binding involving the stiff
transparent stuff.  Although thinner 'normal' vellums are often
fairly translucent, I suspect the somewhat 'ghost-like' image you'd
obtain might not be appropriate for this application.

Have any of the more experienced binders found a difference between
the 'workability' of the transparent vellums vs normal vellums?

Cheers, Rick Cavasin               (cav@bnr.ca)

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