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Re: Wayzgoose

Greetings:  I read your response to John Charles this evening and agree
except I wonder when the Queen's birthday was changed?  I was born and
raised in Canada (Montreal) and as school children we used to recite:
The 24th of May is the Queen's birthday.  If we don't get a holiday we'll
all run away.
Somehow the 22nd of May doesn't scan right in this rhyme.  I know in the
U.S. they switch all kinds of holidays from their original date to land
on a Monday but does Canada have to follow suit?--Elspeth

On Fri, 19 May 1995, John Charles wrote:

> What do we all think? We think you're fabulous and scholarly and
> deeply interested in genuinely interesting things. The fact that this
> lengthy exchange has come about because someone enquired about
> a specific Canadian event proves how remarkably personable and
> engaging this discussion group continues to be. Congratulations to
> everyone. And have a wonderful Victoria Day Weekend (May 22 was
> Queen Victoria's birthday, an event celebrated in Commonwealth
> countries).
> Regards, John Charles
> Bruce Peel Special Collections Library
> U. of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. T6G2J8
> (403)-492-7929. Fax: (403)-492-5083.
> John.Charles@UAlberta.Ca

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