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Go one, go all!

For all you New Yorkers or those lucky enough to be traveling to New York
this week, starting on May 26th, and continuing thru the 31st.,  you will
have a chance to view, and even own some of those staggeringly beautiful
books  shown in the Duncan & de Bartha "Art Nouveau and Art Deco
Bookbinding."   Sotheby's has up for auction " The Book as Art: Modern
Illustrated Books and Fine Bindings."
Part 1 of the auction takes place at Sotheby's 1334 York Ave (at 72nd.) on
Friday, June 2 at 10:15. Proported to be part of the Koch collection, these
are some of the finest French bindings to hit the market in years and this is
truly an experience not to be missed. There is an exquisitely well
illustrated catalogue (I have to settle for it) available at: 212-606-7385.
Please go and see them, and buy some....so they fall into good hands!
One CAN wish!
Bill Drendel

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