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Re: Columbia College Chicago Center

Gee, didn't realize you were one too. Mine are fine arts 68 (painting)
and design 70. My intent was industrial design, but worked for 5 months
at that and hated it, became a graphic designer. I've been teaching here
about 10 years, part-time first, then full time and enjoying it.
   When were you there? My brother graduated 72 I think, design and art
double major so it's habitual for us.

p.s. I faxed some of the info on the Book Center to you and put you on a
mailing list for catalog and schedules. If you want more info, let me know.

George Everet Thompson            |   "You shouldn't assume that something
Columbia College Chicago          |  is hard just because you can't do it."
Department of Art & Design        |       Dr. Ronald L. Graham/Bell Labs
get000@dns.colum.edu              |

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